Diogo Lewis Mesquita

Software Engineer | Cegid | Porto, 🇵🇹


Hello 👋! I’m Diogo Lewis Mesquita, a software engineer by profession and a digital creator by passion.

With close to a decade of professional experience as a software engineer, an academic background in Electrical and Computer Engineering and certification as a Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer, I have been passionate about building websites and programming since my early teens.

I’m currently applying this expertise as a Senior Software Engineer at Cegid, a globally recognized brand, where I work on developing cloud-oriented SDKs.

When I’m not busy with my day job, I don my entrepreneur hat, running my solo digital agency, Inforskill, that I have nurtured and grown over the past five years.

In my spare time, I love to build and share. I believe in learning in public and sharing my knowledge with the broader tech community. My blog and Twitter feed are filled with insights from my journey, and I hope they can inspire or help someone else on their path.

Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn or Twitter. I’m always eager to engage in interesting conversations and potential collaborations.